Our made to order frames are a great way to personalise your memories. We will frame your prints, posters, photos and precious items to the highest standards. Mat boards can be added to any frame along with the choice of fillets, clear or non-reflective glass, MDF or foam core backing.

No item is exempt from our custom memorabilia framing services. We can customise your past achievements and successes in any shape or size you desire. Some things are just too important to be kept packed away.

With extra mats, box frames and plaques available, your precious memories can be preserved for years to come. Rugby and footy jumpers, medals, caps, equipment and more look fantastic when framed.

At Cheltenham Custom Framing, we frame items such as:
- Paintings / Canvases / Posters
- Sporting jumpers/guernseys/jackets
- Medals / Ribbons (War or Sporting)
- Sports memorabilia including balls, caps, signed items etc.
- Certificates
- Jigsaws
- Flags
- CD’s / Vinyl Records

Unfortunately we do not repair existing damaged frames as we can not guarantee quality or longevity. Our recommendation is to replace any damaged frames.


With our onsite computerised mat cutter by Gunnar, we are able to cut any shape, lettering & size, giving customers a personalised and unique product.

Whether the mat is for a new frame, or an upgrade/addition to an existing frame, we can help you choose the right colour/s, widths, sizes or style. New matting is a great way to freshen up an existing frame.

We use Bainbridge, Crescent, Conservation, Chamtons, Novacore, Alphamat Artcare, and Peterboro mat boards, which are acid-free, ensuring the protection of your artwork.


Stretching is an art in itself. Our team completes all stretching onsite and will ensure your canvas remains taut. All stretcher frames are manufactured from kiln dried timber to ensure stability over time.

Depending on the image being stretched and the “look” you are wanting to achieve, we are able to wrap the image onto the side of the stretcher frame.

Whether it is an Aboriginal oil painting or a recent canvas purchased in Bali, canvas look great when stretched onto stretcher frames.

There is also the option to have a 'Floating Frame' added. Floating frames are designed for customers who want the minimal look of stretched canvas but are looking for a little more detail in the finish.

Stretcher Frame Floating Frame


We have a range of glass available for cutting such as traditional picture framing glass, non-reflecting glass, conservation and Museum glass. Our framers can advise you on the best choice of glass for your framing needs.

- Non-reflecting glass reduces reflection and glare, which is critical to maintaining visibility.
- Conservation glass reduces 99.9% of UV rays and is an excellent choice for protecting artwork from damaging UV rays, as exposure can cause colours to fade.
- Museum glass provides the same benefits of conservation glass with the added benefit of not affecting overall clarity. It is especially effective for 3D items.


We offer professional laminating and block mounting, which are an alternative to our custom framing and are an inexpensive way to make your pieces look presentable. Work such as pictures, prints, certificates and posters can be laminated and block mounted for a stunning, smooth and professional display.

Laminating your prints onto either a piece of MDF board or formcore protects them from fading, environmental conditions and provides an aesthetically pleasing display.


We offer a pick up and delivery service within a 10km radius from the shop, however we may go further depending on the job being requested.

A cost may be applicable with this service, depending on what is being picked up or delivered and location.

Enquire within for an estimate on any associated fees.


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